Quality Assurance For Custom Australian-Made Hydraulic Design

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Since 1995, HydrauLogic has offered Australian specialist expertise in hydraulic design and manufacture.

HydrauLogic obtained the ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System certification in November 2015. We have since transitioned to the latest version of this certification, ISO9001:2015, obtaining this certification in February 2018 with certificate number AU1619.


HydrauLogic design, manufacture and distribute a wide variety of Hydraulic Cartridge Valves, Hydraulic Manifolds, Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs).


We offer Directional Control Valves, Proportional Valves, Electronic Controllers, Explosion-Proof Valves, Intrinsically Safe Valves, Water Control Valves for Mining.


HydrauLogic is the Australian distributor for hydraulic valves, integrated electronic controllers, and control accessories from Wandfluh AG of Switzerland.


We use cutting-edge technologies for modelling, design and drafting, circuit verification and manufacturing, alongside integrated ERP and Quality Management Systems.

Quality Control And Quality Assurance

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Our goal is to supply high-quality hydraulic design to exceed your performance needs. We understand that the cost of failure can be much higher than the cost of the component, and we will never take shortcuts with our products.

HydrauLogic conducts a 100% Quality Control inspection regime of all parts and manifolds. We regularly run audits of all aspects of our Quality Management System (QMS) and maintain calibrated measuring equipment.

Consistency and Quality

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Many of our suppliers are also ISO9001 accredited companies and are aligned by the use of common design software. With a single platform to communicate 3D CAD models, manufacturing drawings, product revisions, and other data, we can vastly improve our consistency in quality.

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Want a copy of the HydrauLogic Quality Policy? Contact our office at office@HydrauLogic.com.au or (02) 9938 6516.

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