Experienced Australian Engineers in Hydraulic System Design

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

HydrauLogic offers the best of Australian expertise in the design and engineering of hydraulic systems.

We work closely with our clients to create tailored solutions for hydraulic control packages. We’re able to satisfy even the most difficult performance, technical, environmental or regulatory requirements.

Hydraulic Design Specialists

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

We specialise in the design of Hydraulic Integrated Circuits (HICs), Electro-Hydraulic Valve Packages, and distribution manifolds, as well as many special-purpose control valves for all types of hydraulic equipment and applications.

We use industry best-practice Solid Modelling and Mechanical Design software, augmented with custom hydraulic design tools. We can rapidly prototype even the most complex designs with full confidence in the performance of the end product.

Hydraulic Design Across Industries

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Whatever your industry, our engineering design team is driven to provide reliable, robust and cost-effective design solutions.

We have proven track record of innovative design in many different industries, such as Underground Coal Mining, Offshore Oil and Gas, Crane and Mobile Equipment, Industrial, Transport, Defence and Energy projects over many years.

Experienced Across All Regulatory Systems

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

We are experienced in meeting a variety of international standards. We can incorporate components from many different hydraulic brands and manufacturers, to achieve many different machine hydraulic functions, process and actuator requirements.

We manufacture with materials as diverse as Alloy Steel, SGI, Stainless Steel, Brass and Aluminium, and with anti-corrosive surface finishes such as Nickel or Zinc Plating, Passivation and Powder-coating. We operate under strict Hazardous Environment regulatory requirements.

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Whatever your special requirements in performance, ergonomics, safety or maintenance access, get in touch with us today.

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