The Australian Specialists in Custom Hydraulic Products

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

HydrauLogic provides specialist services in the development and supply of innovative hydraulic design.

We are an Australian owned and operated engineering company, and have been since our establishment in 1995.

Wandfluh Distributors

HydrauLogic is the official Wandfluh distributor in Australia, for Swiss-made hydraulic control valves and integrated electronic controllers.

Manifolds and Hydraulic Integrated Circuits

HydrauLogic stocks many standard manifolds and valve combinations for basic system control requirements.

OEM Control Packages

Our standard valve packages include On/Off Water Control Valves, Water Flow Sensing Valves, Unloading valves, Manual and Electronic control, Roof Bolters and Rib Bolters.

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves

With our access to Wandfluh, Sun, Hydraforce, Sterling, Danfoss, Argo Hytos and Parker products, we can provide the best hydraulic control package solution.

Spare Parts, Service and Repair

We stock a wide range of spare parts and interchangeable components for all of our saleable products, greatly extending the operational life of your equipment.

Inventory Planning and Control

HydrauLogic uses Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for our inventory planning, to accurately manage product cost and lead times.

Industries Served

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

We provide specialist hydraulic design for industries such as Mining, Off-shore Oil and Gas, Industrial Process and Control, Mobile and Construction, Marine, Sub-sea and Defence.

Specialisations by Industry

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Our specialty areas of expertise include hydraulic designs for underground Coal Mining and Tunnelling.

Robust Hydraulic Design Methodology

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

We are industry leaders in following and creating standards for best practice in hydraulic design.

We use cutting-edge technologies for modelling, design and drafting, circuit verification and manufacturing, alongside integrated ERP and Quality Management Systems.

Hydraulic design and supply by HydrauLogic.

Ready to take the next step with HydrauLogic? Contact our office at or (02) 9938 6516.

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