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HydrauLogic Pty Ltd are the sole Australian distributor for World renowned quality manufacturer Wandluh AG of Switzerland.

The Wandfluh valve range currently includes:

Cetop 2, 3 and 5 Directional Control Valves in both Steel and Stainless Steel with Manual, Piloted, On/Off Electrical, Proportional Electrical, Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof (to Zone 0) controls.

Logic (DIN) Control Elements size NG16, NG25, NG32 and NG40 in both Steel and Stainless Steel for directional or pressure control with a variety of control options.

Hydraulic (Screw-in) Cartridge valves in both Steel and Stainless Steel for directional, pressure and flow control with manual or electrical control adjustment.

Hydraulic (Screw-in) Cartridge Valves with Hydraulic Pilot control for flows to 150 L/min for many mobile applications.

HydrauLogic have developed many standard valve packages including on/off water valves, flow sensing valves, unloading valves, Roof and Rib Bolters and many, many more.

Our access to Sun, Hydraforce, Sterling, Argo Hytos and Parker products ensure our Control packages give the best possible solution to your control needs.