Hydraulic Valves and Controls – HydrauLogic

Manufacture & Assembly of Hydraulic Equipment

HydrauLogic can provide simple manifolds through to complex Hydraulic Integrated Circuits or complete System Control packages and in a variety of materials and grades for any application including in Aluminium, Brass, Stainless Steel, Ductile Iron and Mild Steel grades.

Additional (anti-corrosive) surface treatments are available including Powder Coating, Hard Annodising, Zinc Plating and Electro-less Nickel Plating for use in many different environments including for underground Coal Mining, Offshore Oil and Gas and Marine/ Sub-sea as well as for common Mobile and Construction equipment.

Our commitment to Quality ensures that all our products are 100% inspected prior to dispatch. Our internal Quality Assurance program is in addition to that of our many ISO9001 suppliers and through the use of Part number / version control and design / function testing of the end product can supply with full confidence in the performance of our end product.

Our talented and experienced assembly and testing team work to current / in-system work instructions and Bill of Materials alongside Solid Model generated electronic copies of assembly drawings. Completed assemblies are pressure function tested to test procedures on our hydraulic test benches.